Capture the ROI of Privacy With the New Wave of Contextual

The Tech Lab Stage
10:00AM - 10:30AM

In-Person & Virtual Session

With the third-party cookie on its way out and privacy-first strategies top of mind for CMOs, contextual advertising has enjoyed a resurgence. But the contextual of old is very different from the contextual of new, with innovations in data and tech breaking the boundaries of what solutions previously offered and driving better results than cookie-based solutions. Panelists will explore opportunities in this new age as advertisers adopt strategies that strike the perfect balance between maintaining privacy and impact.

Arielle Garcia, Chief Privacy Officer, UM

The In-House Lighthouse

Tech Lab Stage during the Future of Programmatic
10:30AM - 11:00AM

In-Person & Virtual Session

Many companies are looking to in-house some, or all, of their media operations for a number of reasons. Often billed as easy-to-implement by outside consultants, reality quickly sets in, and companies often hit a wall given the complexity of the ecosystem and interdepartmental challenges. Having advised and worked with numerous companies regarding in-housing media operations, Matterkind shares some of the best practices, operating principles and tactics that the most successful in-house companies have employed.

Marcus Witte, EVP Advisory Services, Matterkind

Learn, Unlearn, Relearn: How Corporate Culture Has Evolved

The Virtual Equality Lounge by The Female Quotient
10:30AM - 11:00AM
Momentum Worldwide, UM

Virtual Session

What has the past year and a half taught us about how we work together? Join us for an unplugged conversation with leaders as they share what tools they have used to create greater connectivity between teams, including ERGs, allyship and using intersectionality as a new lens.

Jeff Marshall, Chief Diversity Officer, UM

Ela Mesa, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Director, is Momentum Worldwide

Making Addressable CTV a Reality

The Tech Lab Stage
1:00PM - 1:30PM

In-Person & Virtual Session

CTV has graduated from being an “emerging” channel into a critical piece of many digital campaigns. However, as the industry matures, expectations from marketers increase, and advertisers are looking for the same type of data-driven audience targeting available on other digital channels. In this panel, hear from different sides of the ecosystem about what CTV options are available to marketers today, what’s coming next, how CTV compares to other mediums, and how the industry can collaborate to bring relevancy at scale to CTV.

Michael Piner, EVP, Advanced TV & Media Innovation, Mediahub

Exploring Systematized Bias Through Innovation

The Innovation Factory Stage during Innovation and Ideas
2:00PM - 2:30PM

In-Person & Virtual Session

With the Advertising Industry focused on redressing the inequity coded into the fabric of data and business practices, it would be easy to overlook the vast systems that make the digital advertising ecosystem possible. At Kinesso we believe that these systems could be the key to making positive change more permanent and ultimately fairer for all the people that advertising touches. Find out how the Kinesso Innovation team has been exploring bias in these systems and its implications to you and a wide world of consumers.

Graham Wilkinson, EVP Product Innovation, Kinesso

Take Control of TV's Convergence with Impactful Video Advertising Strategies

The Screening Room Stage
2:30PM - 3:00PM

In-Person & Virtual Session

It's no secret, television is evolving. With the growth of ad-supported streaming, consumers can watch more content in more ways than ever. But with greater choice comes greater audience fragmentation across the myriad of content publishers, distributors and devices. How can content providers evolve and scale their audiences? How are marketers using data to effectively plan and optimize their campaigns? Join as experts from across the ecosystem share how the industry has advanced and where it's going next.

Dan Vincent, VP, Media Director, Investments, Mediahub

SPO Evolved: Next Generation Transparency Across the Supply Chain

The Tech Lab Stage
2:30PM - 3:00PM

In-Person & Virtual Session

How advances in SPO are driving the future of programmatic transparency & industry-wide accountability.

Bo Wang, VP of Marketplace Solutions, Kinesso

Advanced Advertising in the Era of ‘Every’ Screen

The Screening Room Stage
3:00PM - 3:30PM

In-Person & Virtual Session

The rise of mobility has fueled a craving for access to premium content on any screen or device – at any time. Day parts have given way to “always on” viewing, and advertisers are turning to addressability to connect with audiences along a new consumer journey. As the industry navigates an increasingly complex video landscape, it has changed channel investments and campaign strategies. Hear from a panel of experts about how addressable video is making progress, and where roadblocks remain.

Molly Finnerty, SVP, Strategic Investment, MAGNA

Holy App! How Mobile Advertising Can Make or Break Your Brand in 2022

The Innovation Factory Stage
3:30PM - 4:00PM

Americans spend close to four and a half hours a day using their mobile devices, according to eMarketer – close to an hour more than they spend watching linear TV. Not only is around 90% of this time spent using apps, but Americans will spend close to $360 billion via mobile.

So this begs the question: Are you selling where Americans are buying? With adults in the U.S. now increasingly turning to mobile to shop, search, chat, stream and so much more – and with time spent on mobile growing in 2021 – it pays to be mobile first.

In this session, we will highlight the emerging importance of mobile and apps and discuss the various ways you can better understand, identify, engage and acquire today’s mobile-first consumers.

Sean Muzzy, President, North America, Matterkind

Amplify API: The Voices You Can’t Ignore

The Creative Showcase Stage
4:00PM - 4:30PM
IW Group

In-Person & Virtual Session

Over the past two years, our industry has witnessed a growing community of leaders coming together to share their rich cultures and make their voices heard.

Telly Wong, SVP & Chief Content Officer, IW Group


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