The Big Data Reset

5:00AM - 6:00AM

The future of data-driven customer experience is uncertain. Not all consumers are on a journey towards a more open and expanded data economy. The pandemic has further polarised attitudes - with some consumers willing to accept the wider social benefits of altruistic data-sharing to combat the virus but others resisting due to a greater infringement on their privacy.

Such a disconnect between the demands and requirements for an optimised future data-enabled living and the stated beliefs of consumers, is a clear and present challenge facing brands, organisations and government across global markets.

The industry needs to reset consumer understanding and appreciation of data, so that risks can be mitigated without throwing away the many benefits the data world brings to society.

The session would be jointly hosted by Foresight Factory and Acxiom to discuss our research and proposed need for a proactive industry initiative.

The Reality of Data-Driven Everything

9:00AM - 10:00AM

Data continues to transform marketing and advertising. Research is showing there is a huge opportunity around data-driven media, creative, customer service, measurement and more. The potential is there but what will it really take to turn it to reality.

What does it take to deliver this shift, transforming a brand’s ability to better understand its customers, to deliver better experiences and better results for the brand? What are the big barriers to break down.This panel will discuss the opportunities and benefits to brands bringing real life examples of those leading the way. Moderated by Jed Mole, CMO, Acxiom, you will hear from executives from Starcount, Mediacom and Kinesso.

Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World: Career

9:30AM - 10:00AM

As the world continues to experience unrest due to the pandemic and a variety of other factors, working women are struggling to balance their full-time career, family and personal wellbeing.

In this new normal, networking, job hunting and advancing one’s career has become increasingly difficult. From looking for a new position to ensuring you are being recognized for the work you do, top workplace experts will share the best tips and advice to move your career forward right now.

The Truth About Change – enduring constants in uncertain times

10:00AM - 10:30AM
McCann Worldgroup

Join McCann Worldgroup and leading CMOs as we discuss the momentous events and movements shaping the world we inhabit today and their impact on brands, people, culture and industry as we adapt to an environment characterized by accelerated and on-going uncertainty.

In conversation with Mark Lund they will examine how the 8 key AdWeek Pillars - Acceleration: Community; Creativity; Entertainment; Equality; Leadership; Purpose and Rebuilding - are:

- Manifesting in their industry

- The extent of the changes being felt

- The resulting imperatives for their product, people and businesses. (I.e. Entertainment – what will consumers want this to be and in what format – what follows after Instagram/TikTok?)

These industry leaders will assess the changes they expect to see - as well as the enduring constants - and what will matter more than ever to our industry in the year ahead.

CMOs Deep Dive

10:30AM - 11:00AM
McCann Worldgroup

Following the 30-minute Truth about Change session, there will be an informal Q&A with Mark, Susan and Zeynep.

Come and ask your probing questions in an informal Q+A style format. Everything you've always wanted to ask in one place!


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